We guarantee our work for 2 years

We guarantee our work for 2 years

You can rest easy knowing that we stand behind our work. We give customers a two-year limited warranty, twice what many contractors offer. If you feel there is a problem with our work, we respond promptly and courteously.

We do high quality work

We do high quality work

Experience. Training. Pride in our work.
Those are three of the reasons why we consistently provide high-quality work for our customers. First, we listen to your description of the problem, and then we get to work fixing it as effectively as possible.

Our prices are affordable

Our prices are affordable

Our prices are competitive with other HVAC firms in Manhattan and Long Island. In addition, we offer financing through reliable institutions to make an installation or repair less stressful and more affordable.

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We give much better warranties

At Five Star HVAC we stand apart from many other contractors – and this gives customers an extra sense of security.

That’s because we offer a 10-year warranty on installation and a two-year service and repair warranty, far more than other companies. Many contractors offer only a standard manufacturers warranty on installations and a one-year warranty on service and repair work.Our unusually long warranties are proof that we are committed to quality workmanship and service.Read More

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Additional Services

Programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostat

We can install a programmable thermostat that lets you run your system more efficiently. It’s responsive to you wherever you are. Coming home earlier? Coming home later? You can set it remotely so the right temperature greets you on time.

Tank water heater

Tank water heater

We will extend the life of your gas or electric tank water heater by cleaning it when needed. We take care of rust, sediment, and scaling and help the water heater perform better.

Air purifier

Air purifier

If your home is not humidified enough, your skin may always feel dry and your nose runny in the winter. Good HVAC provides the right level of humidity – not too much, not too little. It will keep the air moist enough to repel dry air symptoms, cut down on airborne viruses, ease congestion, keep wooden furniture from cracking, and reduce static shock.

Heating & Cooling FAQ

The life expectancy of an HVAC system depends on use, maintenance and model. A ballpark figure is 10 to 15 years, but you can extend the life significantly with good maintenance. Change the filters before they get very dirty, and let us check your system tp make sure everything is properly lubricated and parts are not wearing down.
With a free estimate, you get a good insight into the problem and the cost of repair.
The diagnostic visit includes a detailed examination of the problem and temporary repairs if you wish.
Yes. For example, your 17-year-old HVAC has a serious leak that’s not feasible to fix. We can provide enough refrigerant to solve the problem short-term, and we will deduct this charge from the cost of a new HVAC system when we install it.

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  • We Maintain Solid Core Values

    We base our business on honesty, integrity, teamwork and accountability. Proof: We back up our work with a two-year limited warranty, much longer than most contractors. We are with you for the long term.

  • We Treat Every Customer Like Family

    You are letting us into your homes and businesses. We respect your trust. It’s why we strive to be punctual for all appointments, answer every question, find approaches that fit your budget and needs and perform top-notch work.

  • We Believe in Setting the Standard Higher

    We call our company Five Star HVAC because we want to do five-star work for you. We go the extra step whenever needed to satisfy our customers.

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